Ahmadinejad’s Early Gamble

There seems to be a debate within the system already with Ahmadinejad taking Esfandiar Rahim-Masha`i, the father of his daughter’s husband, as his 1st vice-president (There are over a dozen VPs in the executive, but only the first one can run cabinet meetings in place of the president).


Khamenei does not like Masha`i, in fact he has railed against his comments once before the last time he gave the khutba for Friday prayer on September 19, 2008. He saw Masha`i’s words that the Iranian people are friends with the Israeli people as unacceptable as a state position and cleared the air during his speech:

“Someone has made a statement about people who live in Israel. This is of course a wrong statement. To say that we are friends with Israeli people, like other people, is not right. Who are Israeli people? They are those who are usurping houses, lands, farms and businesses. These people are those who play as extras in the Zionist land. Muslim nations cannot be indifferent about those who are the agents of essential enemies of the Islamic world. We don’t have any problem with the Jews, Christians and followers of other religions. But we have problem with the usurpers of the Palestinian land.

The usurper is not just the Zionist regime. This is the stance of our state, revolution and people. Someone may say something that may lead to certain reactions. The issue should be concluded at a point. It is not right for individuals to exchange views on the subject from here and there for a long time. This is sensationalism. A statement was made. It was wrong. Let us finish it now. The position of the Islamic Republic of Iran is not what was said. This [Israel] is different from other countries where its people are not living on usurped lands. Jewish settlements are filled today by the same people who are called Israeli people. They are those who the fake Zionist government has armed against Muslim Palestinian people. This is to scare off Palestinians from the settlements. A wrong statement was made. This should not be used as a means for sensationalism. I call on everybody not to sensationalize a statement made by someone for a long time. The stance of the state is clear, full stop.”(trans. by BBC Monitoring)

This goes to show that the reports that Khamenei does not like Masha`i, and has even written a letter to the executive to disallow his appointment, are most likely true.

It makes one wonder, with Ahmadi’s brash style of defiance, why the hell does Khamenei continue to bolt himself to this guy?! Does he have the gun to his head, so to speak, since Ahmadi is the IRGC’s guy? I’m always torn whether Khamenei has helped to orchestrate this new shift in the Islamic Republic, or if he is only a pawn being directed by the whims of the IRGC.

It doesn’t seem at all that Ahmadi would have power over Khamenei, but maybe his confidence is fortified since the IRGC has orchestrated his rise to power, and he knows that behind the scenes Khamenei’s authority is only held through the methods of coercion the IRGC employs.

If Ahmadi is flatly refusing to lay down to Khamenei on this, at least for the moment, does this say anything about who has the background monopoly of power?

Well, according to Masha`i (Farsi), people are only afraid of him because he stands a great chance at winning the 11th presidential election!! Oh man…

Sidenote: This short video of Mottaki is hilarious. At the end as he pushes the bullhorn away he says “sedaa mi resin”, ‘they hear me’, as he puts his hands up in frustration. Haha:


~ by The Common Man on July 22, 2009.

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