The audacity to rig the votes in such an egregious manner has put me in a little bit of shock here…

And Khamenei has come out to laud the vote and Ahmadi, so it’s official now. It won’t turn around, and Mousavi’s calls for fraud will be silenced by Khamenei.

The clear evidence for me is the Fars News article that came out less than 2 hours after polls closed claiming Ahmadi will get over 60% of the vote (below).


The numbers just don’t make sense. 85% turnout, primarily for Ahmadi? Even if a larger principle-ist contingency, that doesn’t usually vote, came out to vote down reformist enthusiasm, it cannot amount to over 20 million.

The anomaly in this election was the fact that typically disillusioned voters were voting again because there was a candidate that represented them. Whether Mousavi was possibly the reluctant reformer or not, these people had hope. Hope brought voters out, as the images have shown us, not the status quo.

The implications here are that the leader has apparently decided that he wants to neuter Rafsanjani, ’cause Ahmadi will see this as a mandate to come after him. Though Rafsanjani has powerful positions as chief of the Expediency Council AND the Assembly of Experts.

I’m still trying to process this, but Mousavi camp is active. Check out his Twitter and Flikr feeds.

A writer for Harvard’s Tehran Bureau thinks the writing was on the wall… I feel stupid for not being so cynical.


~ by The Common Man on June 13, 2009.

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