“Passionate yet Peaceful” (UPDATE)

What a crazy day, it was hard to turn around without seeing or hearing a story on the elections. Khamenei lauded the “passionate yet peaceful” elections. It has inspired the international community.

But there is some crazy stuff going on over the last hour:

Firstly, semi-official Fars News an article pushed that the “justice seeking” candidate will win 60% of the vote (I have a screen shot below).


Then, Mousavi gave a press conference claiming victory by a landslide.

Basically simultaneously IRNA, the official state media website, claims Ahmadinejad won by a landslide as well (فارسی).

Then I get home and see Fars News saying that (فارسی) Ahmadinejad is leading with 20% of votes counted with 68.08% and Mousavi only got 28.87%!! This seems to be a reaction by Iran’s Election Commission Chief, Kamran Daneshjoo, an Ahmadinejad guy to counter Mousavi’s claims.

This is really unbelievable, and unfortunately western media is mimicking all these claims. Yet projecting these results onto the whole election are IMPOSSIBLE at this moment because voting booths just closed at 2200 (10:00 pm) local time, and even then people who were already in line were allowed to vote after that time. That was only a few hours ago and as pictures and reporting showed, 32 million/46 million people eligible voted! That’s almost 70% of the electorate.

If this is a signal of the conservative regime members engineering this election for Ahmadinejad, putting these articles out and making these claims so early is clear hubris. I can’t even believe it. If the final results from the Ministry of Interior mimic these numbers then the insider elites already had already prepared the IRGC and basij to crack some skulls because such blatant fraud will bring the masses of supporters for Mousavi into the streets.

Thought: IF there is such blatant fraud bringing factions into the street, sparking a violent put-down by the thugs, how will this affect US-Iran rapprochement? With the international media watching, the US will have to acknowledge what could be egregious abuses of Iranian people and the democratic process. How can the US legitimize a government that has been elected through such fraud? Of course we legitimize other “illegitimate” governments, but the story paints a different picture considering Iran’s constitution.

UPDATE: Via Mousavi’s Twitter feed, that IRNA link provided above has been removed, but I have a screen shot of it, I’ll post it below the text here, hopefully it’s readable. Also, Mousavi is currently at the Ministry of Interior right now monitoring. ALSO, I’m providing a link to the .mp3 of the Mousavi post-election emergency press conference that he gave to counter the IRNA claim (فارسی). .mp3 of Mousavi Press Conference



~ by The Common Man on June 12, 2009.

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