Competing Power Centers…

Wow, it seems Hashemi Rafsanjani still has the power of influence over Khamenei. Well, even though they’ve had some public disputes he was, after all, Khamenei’s king-maker.  After the letter he wrote, reports are saying that he was given a last minute meeting with the supreme leader, and said that it was one of the most fruitful meetings he has had. Hmmm…

After this there are reports that former parliament speaker, and presidential candidate in 1997, Nateq-Nouri has been designated Khamenei’s official election supervisor. This is unprecedented, as the Guardian Council is supposed to act as the system’s election supervisor of the Ministry of Interior, but it seems that Rafsanjani may have gotten his way. Consider that Nateq-Nouri’s son was accused of corruption by Ahmadinejad during the debates. This appears to be a slap in the face against Ahmadinejad by the Leader of the Revolution, spurred by Rafsanjani. The Guardian Council has neither confirmed nor denied this.

This is really interesting. In fact, IF Mousavi wins you will have hardline principle-ists of Ahmadinejad’s camp calling fraud against Rafsanjani’s interference in the campaign. But Ahmadinejad is the one who brought him in.

Wow, this is quite interesting, and is the result of having so many power centers, with so many different interests. Like the IRGC for instance:

Reports in Sobhe Sadegh (فارسی), the IRGC’s publication is quoting the head of IRGC’s politburo as saying that “any effort toward a velvet revolution [referring to Mousavi’s followers in the streets] will be crushed at inception”, referring to past events where this happened like the student uprising of July ‘99.

This means that they are itching to disrupt these young demonstrators. Just itchin’! If Ahmadinejad wins then they will be unleashed against this ‘green revolution’ as they protest the fraud.

*Look at these amazing pictures from Isfahan where Khatami is speaking on Musavi’s behalf and these in Tehran. Wow, that would definitely constitute a Green Tsunami, as Cohen talked about in the NY Times today.


~ by The Common Man on June 11, 2009.

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