Ahmadinejad’s Fuzzy Math



During Ahmadinejad’s debate with candidate Karrubi he used (trumped up) charts to demonstrate to the people watching how well he has performed on the economy. He even declared that these figures were not from his campaign, but from independent sources, such as the Iranian Central Bank. One chart showed how his administration has brought inflation down from the economy he inherited where it was well over 17% to its level today, 16.55%.

HOWEVER, the Iranian Student News Agency (فارسی, ISNA; conservative) reported the next day (7 June) that the Iranian Central Bank clarified his figures. In fact, the inflation rate, according to the bank, is 23.6%!

Hmm, I wonder where Ahmadinejad got his figures? And this verifies Karrubi’s remarks when he said “I have been working in the parliament for 16 years… all the figures that you have given are contradictory to the ones we have seen over the years”.

Indeed Karrubi, WTF?


~ by The Common Man on June 8, 2009.

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