Not Talking…


Is the Administration adopting the line that James Dobbins laid out in the Post last week? Basically his argument was that the best way to quickly get started with some dialogue, whether behind the scenes or not, was to “simply stop not talking to Iran”. As we all know by now, on Thursday Sec. Clinton invited Iran to the Afghanistan summit.

I believe this is the shock that was needed. By not talking about talking, and just doing the US can push Tehran slightly off balance in this back and forth game. Foreign Minister Mottaki has expressed that Iran is considering it. I don’t think they know what to do about it, but I think they’ll be there.

Something also worth noting, If there is some dialogue this would seem to fall under the jurisdiction of Holbrooke’s job, since the summit is on Afghanistan. And, if I’m not mistaken, Holbrooke has Vali Nasr, an expert on Iran and Pakistan, as an adviser. Will Ross have anything to do with this? I hope not, Iran will not trust him, I think he should stay in DC and “advise”.


~ by The Common Man on March 10, 2009.

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