Madame Secretary

Chris Cillizza, Washington Post author of The Fix, makes an interesting point:

The Clintons — since Bill and Hillary are a package deal — were certain to be a base of power within the Democratic party no matter whether they were part of of the Obama Administration or not. By inviting them in through the front door, Obama is ensuring that he will have some control — how much remains to be seen — over the country’s preeminent political power couple.

But “how much remains to be seen” is tricky. Sure, bringing your enemies into the tent is a proven political strategy. But while Mrs. Clinton is extremely competent (there is no argument against that), the Clinton celebrity status, that many pundits perceive to be beneficial to the necessary clout she will need to be persuasive around the world, could be more of a distraction. President Clinton is a ‘loose cannon’ politically and I think this doesn’t bode well for the No-Drama-Obama Way. I am willing to bet that at least once Obama will be challenged by the press on something Bill says, or Hillary will have to correct something that is perceived to be off the Obama analytical line because of Bill. This isn’t about handicapping her because she is married to a former president, but because she is married to Bill Clinton. Hey, I hope I’m wrong.


~ by The Common Man on December 1, 2008.

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